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Birth Pool at bij Hypnobirthingrandstad

During the course, the power and many benefits of a bath delivery are discussed. Course teacher Esther as well as more than 100 students of hypnobirthingrandstad gave birth in a birth bath and are very enthusiastic about this.

The warm water provides deep relaxation and pain relief. The shape of the bath, including seat, makes it possible that you can easily change position and give birth in the position that you like best. That is why you can now also rent a birthing bath (including hygiene cover and pumps) at a reduced rate at hypnobirthingrandstad. In consultation with the course teacher, a date & time will be areed to pick up the bath and accessories at your home, between 36 and 36+5 weeks of pregnacy. If you have given birth, a date and time will be agreed with the course teacher to pick up the bath and accessories at your home, no later than 2 weeks after the birth. NB: If you live in the Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hoofddorp or Zaanstad region, the bath will be brought at your home and collected, otherwise the bath can be picked up in Haarlem.

If you were unable to use the bath due to circumstances, and you did not use the bath and did not used/opened the box with other materials, you will receive a refund of € 50. The hygiene cover that goes around the bath is then thrown away, the bath itself can be quickly automatically inflated and filled with water and also quickly emptied, making it very user-friendly.

If you want more information about the birth bath, or if you want to make a reservation, click here.

Read the rental conditions here

Instruction video's
Instructional Video Setting up the Birth Pool
Instructional Video Tap Couplings
Instructional Video Filling the Birth Pool
Instructional Video Using the Birth Pool
Instructional Video Emptying the Birth Pool
Instructional Video Cleaning the Birth Pool
Instructional Video Packing the Birth Pool


Weight:     14,11 kg including bag
Outer dimensions:     193 x 165 x 76cm
Inside dimensions:     142 x 114 x 69cm
Water volume:     650 liters
Weight filled:     659 kg mother
Water height:     min: 45cm – max: 58cm
Inflatable Floor:     7.5cm
Built-in seat:     Yes
Max recommended length:     No
Material bath:     0.38mm ECO PVC. Free from cadmium, lead and latex
Inner cover material:     0.20mm ECO PVC. Free from cadmium, lead and latex
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