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Esther George, Hypnobirthing-teacher and midwife

I am Esther George, midwife since 2005. I think being a midwife is the most beautiful job in the world. So far I have guided many parents during their pregnancy, childbirth and maternity period. I have seen beautiful, relaxed births, but I have also seen women who could not relax and let go, that was causing panic and a higher level of pain perception. Over the last years, the demand for pain medication increased rapidly in the Netherlands. And even though I think that some women really need it, for example if the dilation stagnates, it is important not to think too lightly about this pain medication, as there are various risks for both mother and child.

In 2008 I was able to guide a woman in labour who had taken a hypnobirthing course. Incredible how relaxed and concentrated she was; she just closed her eyes during a contraction and eventually she brought her child into the world on the birth stool, in complete harmony and serenity. As I was so enthusiastic about Hypnobirthing, I decided to become a Hypnobirthing practitioner.

So I followed the Hypnobirthing teacher training in Scotland as I wanted to give this course as a supplement to my beautiful profession as a midwife, to help pregnant women and their partners prepare for the wonderful birth process. In October 2016 I have experienced myself what it is like to become a mother, and I gave birth to a wonderful son named Bas in a special inflatable birth bath at home! Since that moment, I have become even more enthusiastic about my own course, as it has shown it really works!
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