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FAQ about Hypnobirthing and the pregnancy course

Why a pregnancy course at Hypnobirthingrandstad?
All courses are taught by an experienced midwife. Esther followed the official HypnoBirthing practitioner training from America in 2009. She then further professionalised the course according to her own insight and experience and adapted it to the Dutch situation. 

What is included with the course? 
An e-book and handouts are included with all course formats. You will receive the audio files of all exercises per what's app. You will also receive a personal telephone conversation at 37 weeks. 

When is the best time to start the course? 
Most people start the course around 24 weeks. This way you have enough time to practice after the course is finished. You are free to start the sooner or later. The advice is to have completed the course with 36 weeks.

Is the pregnancy course reimboursed by my health insurance?
Since the course is given by a midwife with a AGB code, the course is reimbursed by many health insurers, if they have additional insurance. Check this overview to see if this applies to your health insurer: 

Hypnobirthingrandstad is not liable if this website provides incorrect information about reimbursement, so always check it yourself with your health insurer.

How does reimboursement work?
You pay for your course via the website www.hypnobirthingrandstad.nl. If reimbursement applies to you, you can submit the invoice that you receive after payment to your health insurer. With most health insurers you can only submit the invoice after the last course session has been completed.

What if we miss a session?
If you unexpectedly miss a lesson, it is unfortunately not possible to catch up at a later time. The instructor will discuss the summary of the missed lesson with you by telephone and answer questions if needed.

What if my preferred course is fully booked?
If your preferred course is full, you can be put on the reserve list. Sometimes a couple drops out and you can still participate.

Is my partner welcome with every session?
Hypnobirthing is known for preparing together for the arrival of your baby. The partner will receive many tips and tricks to support you as much as possible and assist you during the birth process. If you do not have a partner, it is advisable to ask someone else who you feel comfortable with to accompany you during the birth process and to take this person with you during the course.

What is the difference between the different course types?
With the 4-week course, the course consists of 4 weekly sessions from 19:00 to 21:00. This allows the information to settle per session, and we may come back to it the next time. The

1-day course is more compressed and not all exercises will actually be done, but you will receive all audio files that will also be covered during the 4-day course.

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