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Congratulations with your pregnancy!

An exciting time is coming, therefore it is essential to prepare well for the upcoming birth of your baby. At HypnoBirthingRandstad, the HypnoBirthing course is provided in Amsterdam or Haarlem by Esther George, who has 15 years of experience as a midwife and 10 years as a HypnoBirthing teacher.

The course is very practical and effective, according to the fantastic experiences of the hun-dreds of women who gave birth after a course at HypnoBirthingRandstad, already a “house-hold name” in Amsterdam and Haarlem.

Both you and your partner will receive comprehensive information and tools about the up-coming birth, what to expect and what to do, and you will be well prepared, completely re-laxed and confident when labour starts, so the birth of your child will be a wonderful experience!
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